Your safety is very important to us. 


An emergency is any situation that puts you in immediate danger, including:

  • Any life/death situation
  • Confusion or change in mental status
  • A violent assault
  • Suicidal feelings
  • An arrest
  • Civil unrest, natural disaster in the host country

If you are seriously injured or sick, get immediate medical attention at the closest medical facility and contact the local emergency line. 


  • Call local emergency contacts: UCEAP Spain Emergency Line is +34 917717384Save this number on your phone immediately and keep it handy. 
  •  Contact Chubb-AXA Global Travel Assistance 24/7, 1-855-327-1420 (toll free from US/Canada) or 630-694-9804 (collect call option) or email
  • While abroad, all UCEAP participants have coverage through travel Insurance. Your insurance policy number is N04834823. Print your insurance contact card and carry it with you.
  • Contact US Citizen Services from the US Embassy in Madrid.

Please, make sure to download a copy of your emergency contact numbers card in your phone a carry the printed version in your wallet in case you need to use it.