Functional  Diversity


If you have any accommodations: 

  • For Regular Courses:
    • Complete this form (click here)
    • Send an email to the “Oficina para la Inclusión de Personas con Diversidad” (OIPD) at Complutense ( ).
    • Attach the completed form to this email and your registration receipt from Complutense, together with the accommodation letter from your DPS office at the UC.  
    • In this email identify yourself as a student from University of California Education Abroad Program and explain the type of accommodations that you need. 
    • You will be given an appointment (in person or online) to have an interview with someone from the Office, to talk about the accommodations that you are requesting). 
    • OPTIONAL: you can cc the  Study Center ( in case you would like to receive any help throughout the process.
    • The office’s address is: 
      Edificio de Estudiantes - La Casa del Estudiante
      Universidad Complutense de Madrid
      Telf.:913947182 /913947172
  • Core course: send an email to:
    Sara Tavares (

It's very important that this takes place from the beginning, so that professors are informed from the start of the course, even if you don't plan on activating your accommodations at first.