Functional  Diversity


If you have any accommodations: 

  • For Regular Courses:
    • Complete this form (click here)
    • Send an email to the “Oficina para la Inclusión de Personas con Diversidad” (OIPD) at Complutense ( ).
    • Attach the completed form to this email and your registration receipt from Complutense, together with the accommodation letter from your DPS office at the UC.  
    • In this email identify yourself as a student from University of California Education Abroad Program and explain the type of accommodations that you need. 
    • You will be given an appointment (in person or online) to have an interview with someone from the Office, to talk about the accommodations that you are requesting). 
    • OPTIONAL: you can cc the  Study Center ( in case you would like to receive any help throughout the process.
    • The office’s address is: 
      Edificio de Estudiantes - La Casa del Estudiante
      Universidad Complutense de Madrid
      Telf.:913947182 /913947172
  • Core course: send an email to:
    Sara Tavares (

It's very important that this takes place from the beginning, so that professors are informed from the start of the course.