Diversity & Inclusion

"Wherever you're from and whoever you love, Madrid loves you"



Cultural Diversity 

Are you experiencing racism or bias in Spain?

Study Center staff is here to support you and provide information about the resources available to you. If you feel like you have experienced microaggressions, racism, bias behaviours ,etc, in Madrid, a cosmopolitan city with a lot of cultural diversity, do not hesitate to reach out.   

Universities in Madrid have an infrastructure for students to denounce behaviours suffered within the University that may violate individual rights through the University Ombudsperson. 

Click here to see UC3M's resources
Click here to see Complutense's resources

The Spanish Goverment also provides support services through specialized centers in each region where students can be assisted by professionals and there is a direct toll -free line  (+34 900 20 30 41) for reporting any hate crime. You will be able to receive assistance in English.


In Madrid this will be the office you can go to if needed:

Also, if you have experienced any traumatic situations, please remember that you have access to counseling services through your travel insurance. Click here for more information. 

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