Transportation Card

The Transportation Card allows you to travel by metro, bus and train everywhere in Madrid (and also to Toledo & Guadalajara).

It needs to be recharged every 30 days. If you are under 26 years-old, the cost will be 20€ every time you recharge it; if you are older, it will depend on the area you want to purchase it for; usually it would be 54,60€ (Complutense students) or 63,70€ (Carlos III students).

*NOTE: In accordance with Royal Decree-Law 5/2023, June 28, a fare reduction (60%) is applied for 30-day Passes from July 1st to December 31th. Check this link for the updated prices according to these reductions.

You can charge your card at the metro and train stations, and also at the "Estancos" (stores where stamps and cigarette - related products are sold). We strongly suggest that you make an online appointment before arrival (30 days in advance) to obtain your card in person on the day of your appointment in Madrid. Having your card from the moment you arrive will save you a lot of money. 

Click here to make your appointment.


Loss or theft of  Transportation Card: 

In the event of loss or theft of your transportation card, you would need to follow these steps in order to obtain a new one and cancel the other: 

  • Go to the closest management office of the public transport card; click here for a map with all the offices!
  • You will need to bring with you your passport and 6 euros (the cost of replacing the transportation card)
  • Your new transportation card will have the same amount of days left to use it as the lost/stolen one. 

Public Transport

The Public transport system in Madrid connects all parts of the city and also the suburbs.  


The train system, known as Cercanías,  connects larger distances in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.


The metro system connects the different parts of the city and some of the nearer cities. It is the second largest Metro system in the EU, after London, and the 8th in the world.


There are two main kinds of buses. The blue buses connect the neighbourhoods and different parts of the city, and the green ones connect the city with the suburbs and other cities inside the Autonomous Community of Madrid. Click here for information on buses!


Explore Madrid in a Bike

If fou would like to cycle around Madrid, you should know that it is also an option. It is an amazing alternative to explore the city while also making some exercise. Please, click here to know everything about bike rental services in Madrid!