The Carlos III University has several libraries distributed among its different campuses. Click here to see more information about the services offered. 


UC3M Libraries on Getafe (only Getafe, not Leganés) campus now have a new service available: if you need to use a laptop while on campus but you don't have yours with you, you can borrow one for three hours and take it with you to class. The only thing you would need to do is go to one of Getafe's UC3M libraries, approach the self - service area and introduce your student UC3M ID number and password. 

You should obtain a total of 3 items: the laptop itself, the charger and the mouse. You must return everything before 8:00 p.m. in any case

At the Leganés campus you can also borrow a laptop, but you won't find the self - service option. You will need to ask for the laptop at the front desk. 

You can also borrow calculators at UC3M's libraries! 

A few things you should know about the campus that will facilitate your life as a UC3M student:

Study/Group Work Rooms at UC3M

At UC3M, there are Study rooms where you can go by yourself and be in a quiet environment where you can study and get work done. If you need a space for group work, there are also spots available on campus. These rooms are located at the different UC3M libraries, and you will need to make a reservation with your UC3M student ID in order to use them.  Click here for more information on where to find them, and how to book one of these rooms.

Computer Labs

UC3M has multiple computer labs at the Getafe and Leganés campuses with about 1000 hardwares available.  All of them are for student's use, except when they have been specifically reserved by a professor. Click here for detailed information.