PsiCall UCM

PsiCall UCM, together with the department of Applied Clinical Psychology UCM, has opened a service of FREE PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTENTION TO ALL the Complutense University Community (PAS, PDI AND STUDENTS), attached centers and students of schools Elders, as well as their relatives. Attention will be provided by qualified professionals, by phone (913945200), mail ( or chat (Messaging Psichat psychological care application; it is necessary to log in with the email @ucm). The service is open from Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. More information on the page

The psychological team of the Complutense University, PsiCall UCM, attends students confidentially and completely free of charge. 

 Counseling and psychological care are offered in the face of difficulties that may not arise, not necessarily related to university, and account is taken of the special situation of exchange students, such as students at the University of California.

No registration is required, but you will be asked for your passport number to verify that you are indeed studying at the university.