The UCM offers a wide cultural life in which you can participate. This ranges from activities related to music, such as the "Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad", competition "Talento musical Complutense", the official UCM Choir " Coro oficial" , and other musical groups, including their theater and literature competitions: "Teatro y Literatura".

There are also art exhibitions   throughout the course, and "a rich cultural heritage collected in its fourteen museums and collections of a historical, artistic, scientific and technical nature."

On the other hand, the UCM has numerous sports facilities that you can use, in addition to being part of one of its sports schools. There are also sports teams in each "facultad" if you are interested in playing football, basketball, volleyball, rugby or handball. 

If you need to contact the different sport facilities you can send an email ( or go to the different sports facilities and ask there:

Swimming pool

Somosaguas facilities

Cantarranas facilities (Moncloa)

Paraninfo facilities (Moncloa)

South area facilities (Moncloa)