Do you need a bit of help during your time living abroad? Thanks to HM Hospital Madrid´s relationship with SINEWS Multilingual Therapy Institute, you can either schedule an appoinment for mental health counselling meeting with a counsellor in person*, or you can choose to have the session online.

Please, follow the instructions bellow in order to schedule an appointment for an in - person therapy* or for an online session: 

PLEASE NOTE: In person appointments are temporarily not available due to the COVID - 19 pandemic. The online therapy platform is working as usual.    

ATTENTION: Due to the current situation, you won't need to pay upfront for online therapy with SINEWS! To make an appointment through their online platform, just contact the International Department at HM Hospital de Madrid before (by writing to, or by calling +34 629 823 493); they will provide you a code that you will need to insert when required to make the payment.  

The following crisis number is temporarily suspended until June due to the 

COVID - 19 pandemic: 

*The crisis number is not available during the month of August. 

Please note: The University of California does not make any representation of warranty with respect to the services provided by SINEWS Multi-lingual Therapy Institute or Sinews Online Therapy. This information is provided only as a point of reference as the University of California does not recommend or endorse any particular medical or mental health provider.