"I like living in Sol because of its central location to everything in Madrid. It does take over 30 minutes to get to the Complutense campus though."

"I live in Sol and I love it! It's very convenient for taking the train to Getafe and there are lots of events, restaurants, and places to enjoy. Also, I feel very safe living there and I love how lively it is"

"I live in Sol and I do like it but it is definitely very busy. Sometimes it is hard to take the metro because the train is so full. But there are many advantages - I am so close to everything"


"I live in Malasaña and I love! Super great area for young people. There are a lot of place to shops, restaurants, bars, etc. and everything is very close to each other. It is also a good location because you are in the middle of Complutense and the center of the city."

"I really like where I live in Chueca, it’s very close to the city center and very safe, close to the metro. There’s also great nightlife"

"I live in Malasaña near San Bernardo and I love living there. I think it's the perfect neighborhood to live in while attending Complutense and to be able to explore the city"


"I love it. I live in Atocha (between Lavapiés and Las Letras). It’s perfect because it is a little bit quieter and most shops in the area only speak Spanish so it’s good practice as well. It isn’t too far from the main areas so it’s a perfect happy medium"

"I live on Paseo de la Delicias and I really like being in the Delicias area of Madrid City. It takes ~10/15min walk to get to Retiro which is great. Also close to the Atocha Train Station. Quiet, local (no tourists), and feels super safe (more older people). I like how it is still in the city, but is also still a little closer to school that some other neighborhoods (like Sol or Malasana or Ibiza)"

"I live a 7 minute walk south of Puerta del Sol in Barrio de las Letras. It's great! I like that it's close to Sol, because I take the Cercanías train to school from there, and take the metro from there to go anywhere else that's too far to walk. If I were any closer to Sol, there would be too many tourists, but where I'm at is ok. It also has good resource density and it feels safe"


"I live in Salamanca in Madrid, I like that it is quiet and feels safe but also feels far from school and the city center"


"Pacífico: mixed opinions, very residential, good for housing (we have a very nice apartment compared to some of my friends near the heart of the city for a relatively cheap price), quiet, but if you are looking to be in the center of the action and not having to commute very far I recommend somewhere closer (Malasaña, Sol, La Latina)"


"I live in Chamartin and I don’t like the distance to the center. It’s a beautiful area but when meeting up with friends I also have to keep in mind that it can take me like 30 minutes to get my destination"


"Chamberi - absolutely love it. Very local feeling. Upscale, lots of grocery stores, bars, restaurants. Feels like a hidden gem"

"I live in Chamberí (specifically Gaztambide). I think if you can find an affordable place here, it's a really great neighborhood. My walk the Moncloa metro/bus stop is about 7 minutes. The line 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 have stops close by. The area is generally residential and so it doesn't typically get too loud at night (although this might depend on the street you're on) and seems very safe. You're also still super close to more lively areas like Malasaña without being in the center of the action"


"I live in puerta del angel and I like it because it's mostly locals and it's a bit mellower and very pretty, but it's also a bit far from the city center and I probably pay a bit more for housing than other people"