Help Housing (Rental Agency)

"I think that they have many accommodations available and are very attentive."

"I would recommend it over any other agency bc it is only for students."

"It’s a bit expensive but they do a good job and are pretty responsive"

Aluni (Rental Agency)

"Easy to use and you can see some info about the ppl you’re gonna live with. But they don’t give you contact info to get in contact with your future roommates."

Spotahome (Paid Seach Platform)

"A lot of other people have gotten scammed on ones like this, need to be careful"

"It charged a couple hundred dollars and listed inaccurate info"

"I felt that Spotahome was more or less transparent about the pricing and it was very helpful that many of the houses listed on the platform are "verified" by employees of Spotahome (they go the apartment and check that the photos match the description and write an opinion). Since we weren't able to see the apartment beforehand, this was a useful feature."

Idealista (Free Search Platform)

"Many friends I know got scammed, I met with some property managers who made me a bit uncomfortable. but avoided paying fees on platforms like spotahome"

"It pretty good in finding places available but its not very great for reaching out to people and there are sometimes scammers. Usually the website takes them down though. You just have to be smart about how you talk to the people renting because sometimes they could trick you with hidden things not advertised."