Money transfers


Money Transfer Agencies (some of them)


Some places where you can transfer money in Getafe:

  Calle Dr. Barraquer, 6, 28903 Getafe, Madrid (how to get there)

   Calle Tarragona, 28903 Getafe, Madrid (how to get there)  

   Calle Jardines 3, Getafe, Madrid 28901 (phone: +34 916840626) 
   - how  to get there
  Centro Comercial El Bulevar Carretera Getafe, Villaverde, s/n, 28903            Getafe, Madrid (phone +34 916825119) 
  - how  to get there

Other companies: 
Western Union 

Titanes Money Transfer

Money Exchange

 1: Get the reference number the person sending you the money has been given.

2: Go to the nearest agency you have chosen with the reference number.

 3: You´ll have to fill out a form and show an ID. After that, you will be given the money and a copy of the form.