Health Centers that will require upfront payment

Upfront payment + reimbursement claim
If you go to a private center that has no direct agreement with the Insurance Company, you will need to pay upfront for their services. Afterwards you will need to file a reimbursement claim.
[Click here to learn how to submit a claim]

Calle Conde de Aranda, 1 1º Izquierda

28001 Madrid
Phone: 91 435 18 23
Metro: Banco de España (L2) or Retiro (L2)  

Offers home doctor visits 24/7 (150 euros/visit).
To request a home doctor visit, call here: 916 56 90 57

CENTRO MÉDICO SAN BERNARDO Jerónimo de la Quintana
Calle Jerónimo de la Quintana, 8

28010 Madrid
Phone: 91 448 11 07 / 91 591 62 19
Metro: Bilbao (L1), San Bernardo (L2, L4)


HOSPITAL UNIVERSITARIO DE GETAFE  (emergencies only)                   
Carretera de Toledo Km 12,500
28905 - Getafe
Phone: 91 - 683 93 60

Emergency Room  24/7

How to get there


Calle Huelva, 1

28903 Getafe

Phone: 916018752
How to get there.

Ibermedic Getafe, S.L. 

Calle Gálvez 4

28902 Getafe

Phone: 916829657

How to get there.

*Please note: The University of California does not make any representation of warranty with respect to the services provided by any of the clinics listed. This information is provided only as a point of reference as the University of California does not recommend or endorse any particular medical or mental health provider.