All the information to extend your stay and the student visa

 VISA: Administrative Procedure

Upon landing in a Schengen state the police authorities will stamp your visas. This stamp does not necessarily have to be from a Spanish airport. The date that appears on said stamp will be the official date of entry.

It is very important that your visa is sealed in order to manage everything related to your residence card (NIE). EAP staff will review that your visas have been sealed and their duration during the first day of on - site orientations in Madrid.

Students with a 90-day visa:

You have 30 days from the official date of entry that appears on the stamp to request the visa extension. EAP staff will be in charge of requesting your appointment for the obtention of the residence card and will guide you through the process. 

If your passport does not have an entry stamp, you have three working days from your arrival to obtain the stamp at any police station or immigration office.

Students with a 180-day visa:

If your stay in Spain is not going to be longer than a four-month period, you do not need to do anything related to your visa.

If your visa is for 180 days and you are planning to stay in Spain for the entire academic year, speak to the UCEAP Madrid staff as soon as possible.

Students with a European Union passport:

If you have a European Union passport, you must apply for a Community (EU) NIE. Talk to the UCEAP Madrid staff to help you with this process. 

EXTENSION: from Fall to Year

To extend your program from Fall to Year, you need to fill a form before November 1st. There are two types of procedures depending on what you did at UC, either way you must contact the UCEAP Madrid staff.

  • If you have already marked your university on the form  Department and College Pre-Approval to Extend the option“Yes, I am considering the following extension open…”, the extension precedure will be simpler.
  • If you have not, the extension procedure will be longer given your UC department must approve it.