Students at Carlos III de Madrid are required to take at least 24 local ECTS credit units at UC3M ( equivalent to 20 UC quarter units/ 13.3 UC semester units). 

Fulfill this requirement by taking a combination of the courses that UC3M offers: Courses from the International School in English or in Spanish, "minicursos" or regular courses in English or in Spanish

  • Courses from the International School (each course converts to 5.0 UC quarter units/ 3.3 UC semester units and equal 6.0 UC3M ECTS) are created specifically for U.S. students to improve their knowledge of the history of Spain, its literature, culture, as well as to immerse themselves in the Spanish language. 
  • The "minicursos" are shorter courses in the humanities taken by local students that can be from a big variety of topics (each "minicurso" is usually worth 3.0 ECTS, equivalent to 2.5 UC quarter units/ 1.3 UC semester units).
  • Regular courses can be taken in Spanish and English and UC students will be in class with local students. (Each regular long course at Carlos III is worth 6.0 UC3M ECTS ).