Final Exams and Final Grades

Being prepared for your final exams is essential to obtain good results. Here you have a small guide that we have created in order to help you. Click here to have access to it.



Once you are done with your final exams, you will receive an email from the Carlos III administration with the final grade for your courses (according to the Spanish grading system). 
In order to see all your final grades together do the following: 

  • Log into your Aula Global 
  • On the list of courses that appear on the portal, you will see one called "Secretaría" (you may see it abbreviated as well:  SEC-C9 Portal estudiante). 
  • Click this option.
  • Once you are inside "Secretaría" you will see an option called " Consulta de notas provisionales y definitivas / access to exam marks". Click on this option and you will see all your grades after the professor has uploaded them.