Extension Process

Here you will find all the information on how to extend your participation from Fall to Year.

EXTENSION: from Fall to Year

If you would like  to extend your participation in the Program from Fall to Year, you will need to submit your petition form before the deadline, November 1st. The petition form will be different, depending on the steps you have taken before coming to Spain. Either way you must contact the UCEAP Study Center staff, Rocío Navas (rnavas@uceap.universityofcalifornia.edu), Sara Tavares (sdtavares@uceap.universityofcalifornia.edu) & Taylor Allen (tallen@uceap.universityofcalifornia.edu).

  • If you have already submitted an approved DPA (Departmental/College Preliminary Approval to Extend), you will need  to complete the following petition form (RFA – Request for Final Approval): Click here to access the petition form

  • If you did not submit an approved DPA before departure, you must complete a Petition to Extend (PTE) instead of a Request for Final Approval: Click here to access the petition form.                                     
    This petition process takes more time than the first one, since the Petition to Extend, must be approved by UCEAP, your UC campus department chair, and the UC dean or provost.

VISA: Administrative process

Once landed on a Schegen State, the Police authorities will place a stamp on your visa (this doesn't need  to be done at a Spanish airport). The date that appears on the stamp will be your official date of entrance. 

You can have two types of VISA: 

90-day VISA:

This is the type of VISA that you should have if you are going to be in Spain for the entire academic year. You will have 30 days from the official date of entrance to apply for an extension on your visa. The UCEAP staff will assist you with getting your TIE ("residence card"). 

If your passport has no stamp, you have 3 days to have it stamped at any police station or Foreign Nationals Office.

180-day VISA*:

If you have a 180 - day VISA and you are  planning to be in Spain for only one semester, you won't need to do any additional operation. If you are thinking about extending from Fall to Year, you will need  to complete an administrative process ("prórroga de estancia"), in which case you should talk to the UCEAP Madrid staff  as soon as possible and start with the process, since it will take time to get all the documents needed. 

Students with an EU passport:

You must apply for the "Certificado de Registro como Residente Comunitario"; talk to the Program Coordinator for guidance on how to do this.

* THINGS TO TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE EXTENDING (180 day visa): once you submit your documents for the Prórroga de Estancia process you will be in a "limbo", administratevely speaking, while these are being reviewed by the authorities. Travelling outside Spain is not recommended during this period of time. 

People in this "limbo" which experience a justificated reason can request an “Autorización de regreso” to leave Spain and return, while they have not received a resolution from the Spanish Government. Click here for all the information about the Autorización de Regreso

** We will guide you through the Prórroga de Estancia process, but it is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of all the official information that can be found in the public Spanish Government website (click here).