Computer Labs and Study/Group Work Rooms at UC3M
Getafe Campus has over 15 computer labs with a total of 355 hardwares available. You will find the computer labs at Getafe campus in the following locations:

  • Building 9 - "Adolfo Posada"
  • Building 10 - "Campomanes"
  • Building 12 - "María Moliner"
  • Building 14 - "Concepción Arenal"
  • Building 15 - "López Aranguren"
  • Building 17 - "Ortega y Gasset"
  • Building 18 - "Carmen Martín Gaite" 
All of them are for student's use, except when they have been specifically reserved by a professor. Click here for detailed information

Leganés also has computer labs available for students; click here for the detailed information

At University Carlos III of Madrid, there are also Study rooms, where you can go by yourself and be in a quiet environment where you can study and get work done. If you need a space to make group work, there are also spots available on campus. These rooms are located at the different UC3M libraries, and you will need to make a reservation with your UC3M student ID in order to use them.  Click here for more information on where to find them, and how to make a reservation.